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A owner managed business which has been solving the problems of pool owners in and around Cape Town since 1999.


The business was started by two brothers with Malcolm on the all important technical/operational side of the business and Ronald on the marketing/administration side.

Pool Renovations:

Our main focus is the renovation and repair (new linings) of existing swimming pools. A detailed Pool Report is compiled for each client setting out the work which will be completed during the renovation and the attendant costs. The final decision on the scope of work then rests with the client.

Pool Servicing:

Our service offering has come about mainly from the pools that we have renovated where the client has requested us to begin servicing their pool. For full details of the tasks performed during service visits please contact us and we will send you the document.


Personal referrals have consistently provided us with most of our new renovation work.

Pinelands | Observatory | Rosebank | Tokai | Rondebosch | Newlands | Claremont | Kenilworth | Bishopscourt | Constantia | Wynberg | Plumstead | Bergvliet | Lakeside | Meadowridge.

Limited top up of swimming pools with municipal water allowed subject to:-
► Use of a non-permeable solid pool cover.
► Backwash water must be recovered. 
► Rainwater is used to top up when practically possible.

This is the time of year when the leaves of autumn and winter have fallen or are still falling so it is important to clean your swimming pool pump and skimmer baskets regularly.

Your swimming pool pump and filter contribute up to 80% of your pool water clarity. Remember that when your pump sucks water from the pool it is actually sucking the water all the way from the bottom of the pool cleaner head.
On Filter settings your pump sucks water from the pool, channels it to the pool filter via the suction line, feeds that water through the filter and then returns the water to the pool via the return line. All of this requires optimum suction power.
Leaves and other debris collected in your pump and skimmer baskets impede the pump’s suction power and filtration is then reduced. Impeded suction power can also cause the pump to run hot which will shorten it’s lifespan.
Reduced circulation and filtration also result in green and murky pool water. Additional problems can mean that the TDS count (total dissolved solids) is too high and that the pool water chemicals are not in balance ie. “neutral pool water”.
The process to rehabilitate water that is in this state can involve weeks of repetitive treatments and ultimately prove very costly especially if the water cannot be rehabilitated.
Contact Ron 021 712 3011, cell 083 521 8271

It’s true that not running your swimming pool pump could possibly save you money on your electric bill.However, the money you save in electricity can quickly be spent on chlorine, acid and service maintenance.

Swimming pools are designed to keep themselves clean. When run properly, your filter and skimmer keep out debris which fosters algae growth. Also, keep in mind that high temperatures also cultivate algae growth.

However, all swimming pools are unique, so we suggest you run your pool pump for 7 to 8 hours each day during the summer, and in winter the pump and filtration should be run for 5 to 6 hours per day. If you have experienced some unwanted algae, or are trying to get your pool from green to blue, we suggest you run your pool for 24 hours per day until the condition of your pool improves.

Taking care of your Pool.  In Reedworth’s advisories relating to care of your pool this winter, we explain rough pool surfaces, the appearance of black algae and its eradication. Black algae are actually dark green in colour.
All Gunnite/Marbelite pool surfaces contain cement which cures during the life of the pool surface. A product of this cement curation is the release of an alkaline substance (harmless to human health) into the water causing the pool ph to rise constantly. Pool acid is added to keep the pool water ph below 7.6. This necessary addition of pool acid slowly breaks down the cement content of the Gunite/Marbelite, causing it to roughen with time.
After around 2 weeks from formation, the source bulb of the black algae is too far away from the surface of the pool to be affected by any of the following treatments – ‘HTH’ shock treatment, acid washing, adding ‘Algicide’, brushing with a hard brush or cleaning with a high-pressure hose.
The only successful method of black algae eradication is to suffocate the source bulb. Applying a fibreglass lining to the pool will suffocate the source bulb as fibreglass is non-porous.  Contact us on landline 021 712 3011, cell 083 521 8271


Renovating such high quality pools is only possible because we’re committed to quality & we absolutely love what we do…


REEDWORTH POOL RENOVATIONS is founded on craftsmanship that exceeds expectations & every pool we build is truly a work of art. Our main focus is the renovation of domestic swimming pools situated in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.


Re-lining the pool surface | Upgrades to pool lights | Repair of the suction & return Lines | Replacement of the skimmer box | Repair or replacement of the pool pump | Replacement of filter sand.


REEDWORTH POOL RENOVATIONS can also install a backwash water saving system which is simple to operate and is integrated to your existing pool system.



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