Autumn Pool Care
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Advice for Pool Owners Autumn 2019.

Your home is probably your biggest asset in these inflationary times and your swimming pool adds to the value of your home.

Looking to the future in a water-conscious environment, it is wise to have the basics in place for your pool.

Pool cover, backwash water saving mechanism, ensuring the correct chemicals balance and ensuring adequate filtration cycles.

Filtration: Pool water molecules should pass through the pool filter at least 3 times during each filtration cycle. Your pool filter must be correctly sized for your pool. A 40,000L pool requires a 2 bag filter matched to a 0,75kwh pump. Swimming pool water filtration can be improved from 30 microns clarity with conventional filter sand down to 16 microns clarity with glass filter sand.

Daily filtration cycle of minimum 6 hours per day during the winter months. (May to August).

Chemicalisation: Chlorine has no resistance to the Sun’s rays but pool Stabiliser protects the Chlorine. However, Stabiliser levels above 80ppm can cause Chlorine lock.

Have your pool water stabiliser level checked periodically.

Winter is a good time to have your pool renovated with the pool water being topped up by the winter rains in time for the coming summer.


• We can “renew” and “add to the value” of your pool by applying a new Fibreglass lining over your existing Marbelite/Gunite pool surface or your existing fiberglass shell.

• A new Fibreglass lining will eradicate any existing roughness on the pool surface and also give it a fresh new look (no faded or worn surface).

• In 99% of the swimming pools that we renovate, the owners also choose new ceramic mosaic pool tiles to complement their new pool lining and enhance the look of the pool.

• During the renovation, the pool weir (skimmer box) can be replaced or re-positioned as can the suction and return lines – if this is necessary.

• We can also install a new pump and/or filter if it is required.

• We can store up to 45000L of your existing pool water during the renovation of your pool. The water is stored in our porta pools which are erected on your property. We pump the water from your pool into the porta pools and then back into your pool at the conclusion of the renovation.

• We carry out an onsite inspection of your pool prior to compiling a Pool Report which is provided to you at no charge. This report will tell you what is wrong, what can be improved upon, why that is so, how to fix it and how much it will cost per item recommended. The choice is yours as to what you want to be done.

Save your pool backwash water:

We can install a cartridge filter mechanism (see our Bulldog backwash system illustrated on our website) which is fully integrated with your existing pool system (pump/filter/solar).

   If we can be of service please do not hesitate to contact us.


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