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Advice For Pools During Summer/ Winter 2019

Swimming pool water circulation and filtration are by far the most important contributors to sparkling clear blue pool water.

Without circulation, is there filtration?

To achieve optimum water clarity your pool suction line should be no more than 6 metres long.

Pool water molecules must be allowed to pass through the pool filter at least 3 times during each filtration cycle in the same way your filter must be adequately sized for your swimming pool.

Recommended daily filtration times are: 6 hours per day during May to August and 8 hours per day during September to April.

Each 40 kg bag of conventional filter sand can filter 20,000 litres of pool water. (1bag pool filter=20,000l / 2 bag pool filter = 40,000l / 3 bag pool filter = 60,000l).

Conventional filter sand filters to 30 microns clarity. Glass filter sand filters to 16 microns clarity and are, therefore, more effective.

Pool pumps must be matched to the pool filter. (0.6kw pump = 1 bag filter / 0.75kw pump = 2 bag filter / 1.1kw pump = 3 bag filter).

Backwashing Wastes?

Backwashing wastes up to 2000 litres of pool water at a time so saving backwash water is a necessity.

There are 2 main backwash water saving options available. A gravity fed tank or a cartridge filter. (see our Bulldog Backwash System).

Warmer Pool Water?

For 4 degrees warmer pool water, no black algae, no roughening of your pool surface and reduced additions of chemicals, consequently, choose a fibreglass lining for your pool.

Pools and Paving

If your pool is bounded by paving right up to the solid wall or walls of your home and your pool develops cracks in the side or equally important sides of the pool you may need a pool expansion joint to counter the expansion-contraction flexing of the pool.

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