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Advice for Swimming Pool Owners January/February 2020.

Benefits of a Fibreglass Lining:

The pool surface will not be smooth and slippery like a Fibreglass moulded pool. It is also not as abrasive as Gunite and it is pleasantly grippable.
Your monthly pool chemical bill will reduce by a third.
A Fibreglass lined pool surface is completely salt chlorinator, heat pump and solar heater compatible.
The swimming pool surface has a natural pale blue colour even when the weather is cloudy.
A Fibreglass lining is a lot less messy than a Re-Gunite (particularly relevant in established gardens).

Timeline for a pool renovation (new fiberglass lining):

Pool water is stored onsite in porta pools for the duration of the renovation. It typically takes us 1 day to pump the water into the porta pools and 1 day to pump the water back into the pool on completion of the renovation.

A new fibreglass lining with new ceramic/glass mosaics takes us 3-5 days to complete depending on the size of the pool. Total renovation time is therefore 5-7 days.
No permanent damage is done to an established lawn and the quality of the pool water is not negatively impacted during the 5-7 days of renovation time.

All about Pool Mosaics:

Fibreglass swimming pool Mosaics are screen printed on Vinylene which is a type of Fibreglass Tissue matting. Being relatively thin, this type of pool Mosaic tends to age more rapidly than Ceramic or Glass Pool Mosaics. The ageing of Fibreglass Mosaics detracts from the overall look of the pool.

Faded or missing Mosaics are not able to hide the natural scum mark that forms constantly in all pools. Ceramic or Glass Mosaics can be applied to any type of Gunite, Marbelite, Concrete, Cement Plastered, Fibreglass and Fibreglass lined pool surface.

All about Skimmer boxes (Weirs):

To operate, a pool cleaner requires the suction power of your pool pump and this requires the pool cleaner piping with valve to be attached directly into the suction point in your skimmer box. If your skimmer box basket is removed or ineffective, the leaves collected by your pool cleaner will be deposited directly into your pump basket.  Pump baskets are typically smaller than skimmer box baskets and have a diminished holding capacity, Leaves in the pump basket make it harder for your pump to suck water, causing the pump to heat up, thereby prematurely ageing it.

All about Saving Backwash Water:

Our Bulldog Backwash System works differently to large Backwash tanks that store and then deliver the backwashed water to the pool via gravity. We mount a small, unobtrusive Cartridge filter next to your existing pump and filter. We re-plumb your backwash and return lines to accommodate the control Ball valves which are appropriately placed.

When you Backwash, the dirty water, after leaving your pool filter, is passed through the Cartridge filter, which filters your backwash water, which is then simultaneously returned to your pool via your existing return line.

You can still pump out to Waste, Backwash and Rinse, Filter and Circulate as normal.

You can Backwash for as long as you like and Rinse for as long as you like as the water is not wasted – Virtually Zero water wastage / Filtration is the same / Pool water circulation is the same.

We can provide you with a free pool report identifying what is wrong with your pool or can be improved upon, why this is so, together with a comprehensive scope of work and itemised costing for you to choose what you want to be repaired or replaced.


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