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21 Oct

Areas We Renovate & Service.

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Our extensive experience over 20 years helping clients with pool renovations and maintenance makes us the company to call. We pride ourselves on excellent service, therefore every customer gets and is guaranteed the best service. If you reside in a suburb or town not...
27 Jul

Luxury Ceramic Pool Tiles

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For the last 10 years Reedworth Pool Renovation has been recommending to clients that they have ceramic pool tiles applied when having their pools renovated. We are always amazed at how good the tiles look, years after the pool was renovated. A favourite amongst...
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13 Jun

Swimming Pool Lost Its Appeal?

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Has your swimming pool lost its appeal? Does it look run down and in dire need of attention? Here Is An Example Of The Work Reedworth Pool Renovators Produce: This infinity pool renovation in Fresnaye, which included the extended curved rim flow and the Jacuzzi...
21 Apr

Bulldog Backwash System

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This system incorporates a cartridge filter to clean the backwash water using the power of your pool pump to return the water to your pool. After being back-washed, the water automatically passes through the filter cartridge (6 microns clarity) and is returned to your...
19 Mar

Advice For Pools During Autumn/ Winter

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Advice For Pool Owners – June 2018 Chlorine has no resistance to the Sun’s radiation. Pool Stabiliser protects Chlorine from the Sun’s Rays. Pool pills often contain Pool Stabiliser. Pool Stabiliser levels above 80ppm cause Chlorine lock. (Blue pool water for years suddenly turns...
2 Mar

We Store Your Water In Porta Pools

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Reedworth Pool renovators will save your water by storing the existing pool water in porta pools.  We will then pump the stored water back into the pool once the pool renovation has been completed. As we move into the autumn/winter seasons with hopes for...