• Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining acid washed swimming pool
  • Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining existing pool mosaics sanded down
  • Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining with finishing coat in pale blue
  • Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining holes and cracks in pool surface repaired
  • Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining Non-slip surfacing applied on step area
  • Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining pool tiles applied at top of pool on steps martini seat

Bergvliet, New fibreglass lining

The Surface Of  This Gunite Pool had a very rough surface with small holes and cracks and well established Black Algae was present. The existing pool mosaics were worn and faded.


  • The entire surface of the pool was acid washed and prepared for the new lining.
  • The existing minor holes and cracks in the pool surface were repaired.
  • The existing pool mosaics were sanded down.
  • The new fibreglass lining was applied with a finishing coat in pale blue.
  • Ceramic mosaic pool tiles were applied at the top of the pool around its circumference, on the step area and on the martini seat.
  • Non-slip surfacing was applied on the step area.
  • The pool water was stored in Porta pools for the duration of the renovation.


  • The foot pad and disk of the Barracuda Pacer was not sitting firmly on the surface of the pool when in operation.
  • The weight on the pool hose had been positioned on the 3rd length of pool hose away from the pool cleaner itself.
  • The weight was re-positioned on the length of pool hose closest to the pool cleaner itself.
  • The foot pad and disk then sat firmly on the pool surface during operation and the pool cleaner was able to adhere to the sides of the pool.
  • Area: Bergvelit
  • Pool Type: Mid Size Pool
  • Renovation: New Fibreglass Lining
  • Volume In Liters: 55,000 litres