• Constantia, Coping & Tiling Minor Pool Cracks Black Algae
  • Constantia, Coping & Tiling New Pool Coping Poolside Paving Installed
  • Constantia, Coping & Tiling Swimming Pool Blue Finishing Coat
  • Constantia, Coping & Tiling Glass Mosaic Tiles Applied To Pool Sides
  • Constantia, Coping & Tiling Non-Slip Surfacing Applied To Pool Steps
  • Constantia, Coping & Tiling New_Fibreglass_lining

Constantia, Coping & Tiling

This Gunite pool had minor cracks in the surface and well established Black algae on the sides of the pool. The existing poolside brick paving had worn and had subsided in places. The existing Skimmer box and Aimflow return were not in the correct position to facilitate optimum water circulation.


  • Extensive sanding down of the pool surface, followed by an acid wash. (a fibreglass lining will not allow the Black algae to re-establish itself).
  • Application of the new Fibreglass lining with a finishing coat in pale blue.
  • Application of glass mosaic tiles to the sides of the pool and the step area.
  • Non-slip surfacing was applied to the step area.
  • The existing skimmer box and aimflow return were decommissioned and a new skimmer box and 2 new aimflow returns were installed.
  • New piping was laid between the pool and the pool pump and filter.
  • The new pool coping and poolside paving (Milano Grey from the Grimmplatten range) was installed.
  • The pool water was stored in Porta pools for the duration of the renovation.
  • Area: Constantia
  • Pool Type: Large Pools
  • Renovation: New Fibreglass lining / New pool coping and poolside tiling
  • Volume In Liters: 80,000 litres