• Hout Bay Pool Renovation of fibreglass pool cracks holes repaired entire pool surface sanded down.
  • Hout Bay Bulldog-backwash-water-saving-system
  • Bulldog-backwash-water-saving-system
  • Hout Bay New fibreglass lining applied to pool ceramic mosaic pool tiles applied to sides, martini seat and step area of pool.
  • Hout Bay New-fibreglass-lining-applied-to-pool-ceramic-mosaic-pool-tiles-applied-to-sides,-martini-seat-and-step-area-of-pool.
  • Hout Bay Sparkling-clean-pool-after-renovation-and-application-of-new-fibreglass-lining
  • Hout Bay Sparkling-clean-pool-after-application-of-new-fibreglass-lining

Hout Bay, Pool Renovation

This fibreglass pool in Hout Bay had a painted surface and there were cracks and puncture holes in the lining.  As a result the client asked us to prepare a full pool report and later contracted us to attend to the pool renovation.


  • The cracks and holes were repaired and the entire pool surface was sanded down.
  • A new fibreglass lining was applied to the pool and ceramic mosaic pool tiles were applied to the sides, the martini seat and the step area of the pool.
  • Non-slip was applied to the martini seat and the step area.
  • A Bulldog backwash water saving system was also installed. (This system is fully integrated with the existing pump and filter).
  • A self-cleaning chlorinator was installed and the filter sand in the pool filter was replaced with glass sand filter medium.
  • Area: Hout Bay
  • Pool Type: Mid Size Pool
  • Renovation: New Fibreglass Lining
  • Volume In Liters: 50,000 litres