• Inverness New-fibreglass-lining-for-Infinity-Swimming-Pool-with-a-grey-charcoal-pigment
  • Inverness An-infinity-pool-whose-positioning-gives-the-impression-that-it-merges-into-the-surrounding-landscape
  • Inverness renovation-specialist-applying-new-fibreglass-lining-to-an-infinity-pool-grey-charcoal-in-pigment
  • Inverness New-fibreglass-lining-for-infinity-swimming-pool-existing-pool-coping-and-the-pool-and-jacuzzi-was-removed-and-discarded
  • Inverness luxury-home-inifinity-pool
  • Inverness inifinity-pool-with-coastal-views-ship-in-the-distance
  • Inverness Existing-pool-mosaic-tiles-removed-during-pool-renovation-of-Infinity-pool-grey-fibreglass-lining-applied

Infinity Pool, Fresnaye

Does your pool look run down and in dire need of attention?
Here is an example of the work we produce for this Infinity Pool renovation in Fresnaye, Cape Town.


  • This swimming pool has an extended rimflow and integrated jacuzzi.
  • The existing pool coping and the pool and jacuzzi was removed and discarded.
  • The existing pool mosaic tiles were removed.
  • A new fibreglass lining was applied with a charcoal grey finish (top coat).
  • New coping tiles were laid and new ceramic mosaic pool tiles applied.
  • Plumbing of the new pump and filter house on a different level of the home was completed.
  • Area: Fresnaye
  • Pool Type: Infinity Pool
  • Renovation: New Fibreglass Lining
  • Volume In Liters: 95,000 litres