• Meadow Ridge Gunite Pool Cracking Fibreglass Lining And Peeling Back In Places
  • MeadowRidge Removal Of Loose And Flaking Material During Pool Repair.
  • MeadowRidge Apply ceramic mosaic pool tiles to the circumference
  • MeadowRidge Application of ceramic mosaic pool tiles to the circumference of the pool
  • MeadowRidge Blue Top Coat Lining And Ceramic Mosaic Tiles applied to Pool
  • MeadowRidge Pool Non Slip Application To Step Of Pool
  • MeadowRidge Gunite Pool Repair Clean Pool MeadowRidge
  • Meadowridge Pool Fibreglass Lining
  • MeadowRidge Pool Repair

Meadowridge, Gunite Repair

This Old Gunite pool, which had received a fibreglass lining many years previously, was starting to lose water at a steady rate. The fibreglass lining was cracking and peeling back in places, There were holes in the lining and delamination in a number of areas of the pool.


  • Preparation of the host surface which included cutting out and removing all loose and flaking material.
  • Repair of all cracks and holes in the host surface.
  • Apply a new fibreglass lining with a finishing coat (top coat) in blue.
  • Replace the existing rusted metal aimflow with a rigid PVC aimflow.
  • Apply ceramic mosaic pool tiles to the circumference of the pool and on the step area.
  • Apply non-slip to the step area of the pool.
  • Cut an expansion joint in and around the entire pool circumference directly behind the pool coping.
  • The pool water was stored in porta pools for the duration of the renovation.
  • Area: Meadowridge
  • Pool Type: Mid Size Pool
  • Renovation: New Fibreglass Lining
  • Volume In Liters: 45,000 litres