• Southfield Delamination in swimming pools, is are bubbles that appear on the surface of the swimming pool. It results in layers of the material separating from each other.
  • Southfield Badly Worn Pools Surface With Delamination In Certain Areas And Worn Tissue Mosaics
  • Southfield Temporary Swimming Pool Water Storage In Porta Pools
  • Southfield Ceramic Mosaic Tiles And Fibreglass Lining
  • Southfield Ceramic Mosaic Pool Tiles Were Applied Around The Swiming Pool And In The Step Area
  • Southfield Pool remodelling, pale blue fibreglass lining, Blue ceramic mosaic pool tiles applied around the pool and in the step area

Southfield, New fibreglass lining

This Gunite pool had received a fibreglass lining some 25 years previously. The pool surface was badly worn with delamination in certain areas. The tissue mosaics were worn and faded.


  • The areas of delamination were cut out and repaired and the entire pool surface was prepared for the new fibreglass lining.
  • The new fibreglass lining was applied with a finishing coat in pale blue.
  • New ceramic mosaic pool tiles were applied around the pool and in the step area.
  • An expansion joint was installed around the baby pool/step area.
  • Non-slip was applied to the step area in the pool.
  • The pool water was stored in Porta pools for the duration of the renovation.
  • Area: Southfield
  • Pool Type: Mid Size Pool
  • Renovation: New Fibreglass Lining
  • Volume In Liters: 60,000 litres