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Swimming Pool Re-Sizing And Swimming Pool Renovation

Large swimming pools require more maintenance and increased usage of pool chemicals. All pools are leaf magnets. The larger the pool surface the bigger the volume of leaf intrusion and the greater the amount of pool water is lost through evaporation. Your available garden space may be limited or you may wish to have a bigger outdoor living area. Less pool water capacity will require less water for top-up from your water tanks or roof water run-off.

We can make your Large pool smaller.

If you are looking to extend your outdoor living area or require more space between home and pool, we can suggest how to re-shape your existing pool into an aesthetically pleasing smaller pool shape giving you additional area for outdoor living. We can also include for and suggest a change or addition to your pool step entry or Martini seat design.

We can make your too Deep Pool shallower. (easier to keep full)

If you are considering down-sizing your pool we can make it shallower for you. Modern pools generally have a deep-end depth 1.5m to 1.6m and shallow end depth 1.0m to 1.2m. These depths make it easier to stand in for young and old alike (less time spent treading water).

We can replace with new your old or tired-looking Pool Coping and Poolside tiling.

New Pool Coping and Poolside tiling will give your pool area an often much needed face-lift. If your pool surface is worn or there are cracks in it a new Fibreglass lining will complement your new coping and Poolside tiling.

We can Re-size and/or Fibreglass Line your pool for you.

We can apply a Fibreglass lining to your existing Gunite, Marbelite, Cement plastered, Fibreglass Moulded or old Fibreglass lined swimming pool for you. A fibreglass lining will not roughen as the pool ages.

• 4-Degree warmer pool water throughout the year and no Black Algae infestation.

We can Fibreglass line in any colour BUT Fibreglass material manufacturers guarantee only
– White,
– Powder Blue and
– Light Grey to be colourfast.

Dark Colours require a 2-week wait before pool water re-fill to allow the dark coloured finish to dry completely.

Also Keep In Mind; All Fibreglass colours eventually fade to White.

Cracks in your pool and in surrounding pool side tiling may be occuring through conflicting forces of expansion and contraction. A proper pool expansion joint installed in the correct position will eradicate this common problem.

We can Apply Glass or Ceramic Mosaic tiles to Gunite, Marbelite, Cement plastered, and all types of Fibreglass pool surfaces. Ceramic and Glass Mosaics are far more aesthetically pleasing and do not fade over time which is a common problem with Fibreglass Tissue Mosaics.

We can store your pool water on-site for you in our installed on-site Porta Pools (subject to available open ground availability on your property) for the duration of the pool renovation that we do for you.

We can install our Bulldog backwash water saving device which works using your pump power.

Yes, we do, we can provide you with a free pool report identifying what is wrong with your pool, or what can be improved upon, why this is so and how to fix it. Your report includes a comprehensive scope of work together with an itemised costing of each recommendation. The total depends on your choice of option.


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